Donation Program: Flag Holders for Veterans

Maplewood Cemetery is a proud supporter of our Veterans. Please contribute to our campaign to provide a US Flag holder for each of our ~500 Veterans.


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Your donations help support our not-for-profit association and keep Maplewood Cemetery in good operating and financial condition for years to come.

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Maplewood Cemetery Association is a NY registered not-for-profit, Charitable, volunteer run Organization.

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VA Flag Holder Donation

US Flags are placed at the graves of each of the Veterans at Maplewood Cemetery each spring in time for Memorial Day.


A Veterans flag holder would help to better present and preserve the US flag at each veteranís grave.

Your charitable donations will be used to purchase the Veteran flag holders.

A donation of $10 will purchase 1 flag holder. A donation of $100 will purchase 10 flag holders.

Below is a picture of the flag holder medallion.

VA Flag Holder