Do you have questions about the cemetery, buying a grave, funeral planning, buying a monument or finding out how to get a Veterans marker ?

We have a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page available from the left menu. This hopefully will answer those and other questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to call or email us.

The Rules & Regulations have been updated.

Please review and comply.

Copies are available at the Cemetery,

and posted on this website.

Thank you for your help!

Memorial Day at Maplewood Cemetery

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This is a 30 second short-movie showing the cemetery on Memorial Day

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The photo-archiving of the cemetery markers and monuments continues.

The goal is to create a photographic archive to preserve the appearance and content of each marker and monument in Maplewood Cemetery.

 A new Photo Gallery has been added to this web-site. The monument photos from each Section have been added in Section Albums. Over 2,600 photos are in the online gallery!

FallGardening  Reminders

Please prepare your gardens for fall and winter by weeding, cleaning and trimming back the area. Also remove any ornaments that may not survive the harsh weather ahead.  The north road will remain open this winter.


Holiday Wreaths are permitted until March 15th. Please secure your wreathes to avoid the winds from relocating them.......

Remember: Please plant only in the 'Allowed Planting' area! This is usually on the EAST side, regardless of the orientation of the monument.  Please maintain any garden that you start. Over grown gardens do not look nice and are not what you intended to begin with. 

Please do not add garden borders or edging materials. All solar lights and pin-wheels are also not allowed. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for further details.

The Rules and Regulation are posted on the bulletin board, this web-site, and available in the brochure holders at the cemetery.

Violations to the Rules and Regulations may be tagged, removed or corrected by the staff.

Maplewood Sign


Fall is here. Enjoy the fall colors as the trees change colors and the fall flowers bloom! Some leaves are already falling and the plants are preparing for winter. Please clean up and prepare your gardens for winter. The water has been shut off until spring.

Please remember that holiday wreaths need to anchored securely to avoid having them blown away. These wreaths also need to be collected - removed in the spring if you want to keep them.



Sections J&K are open!
The new north sections, J & K, are open providing over 900 new graves and more options.
Grave sales have started and will be sold at last year's prices! New smaller 'Cremation-only' graves are now available in the new Section-J at reduced prices!
See the new Henrietta Post Article of this project......
and See More About the Project Development in Pictures .....

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