Donation Program: $$ for Trees!

Your charitable donations will be used to purchase, plant and maintain new trees in our Cemetery. Plaques can be added to your tree to acknowledge your generous donation or In Memory of a loved one.  Many of these trees are in our new north sections J & K.  Click on a map below for the locations of these trees.  All Donations are welcome and appreciated!


General Donations or Endowments:

 Please consider Maplewood Cemetery in your donation and estate plans.


Your donations help support our not-for-profit association and keep Maplewood Cemetery in good operating and financial condition for years to come.

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Please call 585-672-1020 or email us at:


To donate:

Please Send Checks to:


Maplewood Cemetery Association

Business Office

244 Edgemoor Rd

Rochester, NY 14618



Maplewood Cemetery Association is a NY registered not-for-profit, Charitable, volunteer run Organization.

These donations may be tax deductible

Donation MapEast Hill $$ for Trees
Donation Map
Trees: Donation: Status:
Flowering Cleveland Pear Tree $ 350 Sold Out
Crimson King Maple Tree $ 350 Sold Out
Flowering Crab Apple $ 275 Sold Out
Flowering Accolade Cherry Tree $ 350 2- Left
October Glory Maple $ 350 Sold Out
Flowering Kwanzan Cherry Tree $ 350 Sold Out
Pacific Sunset Maple $ 350 2- Left
Royal Red Maple $ 350 1 - Left
Crimson Century Maple $ 350 Sold Out
Lilac Tree $ 350 1 - Left
New: Sugar Maples (East Section) $500 Sold Out
Memorial plaque